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Our Advice Centre

*4th January 2024*

Our Advice & Info Centre is back open again for business, Tue-Fri, 9.30am-1.30pm 

*(Wednesdays only:  It is advisable to call first  on this day 01292  265304 as private meetings take priority)

****      Cost of Living Support 

There is a lot of confusion just now regarding what financial support people will, or can receive from the UK Government to assist during this time, the so called ‘cost of living crisis’.  We have gleaned a sheet from the UK.Gov website to show who will receive what, when they will receive it and also how the UK Government will get the support to them, and it is available [HERE].

****      Getting the Energy Bills Support 

Questions like, “What financial support should I get if I am on a prepayment meter?” and “How will I get it?” are answered [HERE] in our handy guide.

**** Interlinked Smoke Alarm Requirements (since Feb 2022)

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries about what smoke alarms are required to be installed in Scotland since Feb ’22.  See our ‘easy-to-understand’ guide [HERE]


Our Shop

*4th January 2024*

Our Charity Shop is back open again for business, Mon-Sat, 10am-3.45pm (with a lunch hour of course for our volunteers between 12.30-1.30)

*December 2023*

We recently learned of the passing of a friend and long serving member of our shop volunteer team, Janette Smith.  We have dedicated a page to Janette’s memory [here].


Age Concern Ayr SCIO’s shop is run entirely by volunteers and invites everyone to visit and buy and in doing so contribute to supporting the local elderly community.


Thanks to support from individual donors, our shop has substantial stock to allow us to sell pre loved goods and donations back to the local community at really affordable prices.  It  is run entirely by Age Concern Ayr SCIO’s greatest resource: a team of dedicated volunteers.  The shop exists purely on donations handed in from members of the public.  Where we cannot sell, we recycle to reduce our carbon footprint and salvage accounts for a considerable portion of our annual income.  Please visit our Shop page for more information.

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Our Goal

Our Shop and Advice & Information Centre allow us the privilege to strive to provide relief for our elderly community, especially those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.   We see our outlets as services and facilities sustained by and offered back to the local community and both necessary for the purpose of reducing hardship and disadvantage: in effect ‘action for the elderly’.

******** Shop Christmas Holiday Times *********

Our shop closes at 3.45pm on Wed 20th December and reopens at 10.00am on Thursday 4th January 2024

*** Advice Centre Christmas Holiday Times ***

Our Advice Centre closes at 11.45am on Thu 21st December and reopens at 9.30am on Thursday 4th January 2024

Our two resources, our Charity Shop and our Advice & Information Centre provide opportunities for our local population to support its elderly community.   Our shop offers loads of pre-loved items at great prices.  The funds from this allow us to run a free and confidential advice and information service to help you and provide advice on benefits, general information and much more. Our Advice & Information centre exists to create the best possible outcomes for elderly people by providing practical support and advice to those experiencing a feeling of being left behind by amongst other things today’s technology where every application seems to be online and details asked for digitally. We recognise this does not sit easily with our elderly communities so we try to bridge that gap in whatever way we can. Please visit our Advice & Information Centre page to find out if we can help you. We are always looking for Volunteers so why not give us a call on 01292 265304. Our Scottish Charity Number is SC051523